Pokedex Challenge #038 Ninetails

Pokedex Challenge #037 Vulpix

Pokedex Challenge #036 Clefable

Pokedex Challenge #035 Clefairy



Oh, just two of my fave movies paralleling each other (⊙‿⊙✿)

eh-heheheheehhe…. yeah, parallels. Sure, that’s it.

Pokedex Challenge #034 Nidoking

Pokedex Challenge #033 Nidorino

It’s really cool i will add a new tag “#washublogs” and everything i post with that tag it will automatically uploads to twiiter, my facebook page or other stuf pretty cool huh?, internet makes us lazyer

» I’m trying out ifttt

so ignore this post please


Just popping in to say hi, I love you! 

Featuring Shiny Furret + palette 38! ^v^